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Our in-house integrated product development team helps you...

Guide you through manufacturing 

Our integrated engineering, regulatory and supply chain experts work as a cohesive team to lead you through the entire manufacturing process.

Anticipate challenges earlier

By involving our engineers and manufacturing experts early in the design phase, we make better decisions and avoid rework and delays later in the process.

Quickly find innovative solutions

Every new development project encounters unexpected hurdles. Our multi-disciplinary teams excel at quickly brainstorming solutions and solving problems.

Full Service Product Design Company 

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Add intelligence to any hardware device

We have the electronics design, embedded systems, and regulatory experience to reliably deliver internet connected hardware devices to market.

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Become one of our successful clients

Hardware product design is risky - unless you have an experienced partner to help you succeed.

  Our predictable four stage process.

Over 10 Million Products Sold

Raised 137% of Kickstarter Goal in June 2017. 

Sold to SanDisk for $327M

Hardware-Enabled SaaS DVR, disrupting the Cable TV Industry

Your shortest path to a winning product.

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Complete Wi-Fi Product Line Acquired by Ericsson

Reinvented Product Line with IoT Pumps


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Helps you move through product development in under 9 months.

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